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Virtual Engine Sound System (VESS)

Virtual Engine Sound System (VESS) generates an engine sound for pedestrians to hear the vehicle because there is no sound while the Electric Vehicle (EV) is operating.

If the vehicle is in the READY mode and the gear is not in P (Park), the VESS will operate.

When the gear is shifted to R (Reverse), an additional warning sound will be heard.


The sound system only plays a supplementary role. The system is not designed to and does not replace the care of drivers. Drivers should always pay attention to their surroundings while driving.

  • The vehicle is much quieter while driving than a conventional gasoline-powered vehicle. Be aware of your surroundings and always drive safely.

  • After you park the vehicle or while you are waiting at a traffic light, check whether there are children or obstacles around the vehicle.

  • Check if there is something behind the vehicle when driving in reverse. Pedestrians may not hear the sound of the vehicle.