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Aux. Battery Saver+ (if equipped)

The Aux. Battery Saver+ is a function that monitors the charging status of the 12 V auxiliary battery. If the auxiliary battery level is low, the main high voltage battery charges the auxiliary battery.


When the function is activating the indicator lamp will appear and high voltage electricity will be flowing in the vehicle. Do not touch the high voltage electric wire (orange), connector, and all electric components and devices. This may cause electric shock and lead to injuries. Also, do not modify your vehicle in any way. This may affect your vehicle performance and lead to an accident.

  • The Aux. Battery Saver+ activates maximum of 20 minutes. If the Aux. Battery Saver+ function activates more than 10 times consecutively, in the Automatic Mode the function will stop activating, judging that there is a problem with the auxiliary battery. In this case, drive the vehicle for some period of time. The function will start activating if the auxiliary battery returns to normal.

  • The Aux. Battery Saver+ function cannot prevent battery discharge if the auxiliary battery is damaged, worn out, used as a power supply or unauthorized electronic devices are used.

  • If the Aux. Battery Saver+ function was activated the high voltage battery level may have decreased.