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Charging and Climate

A: Electric Vehicle

  1. Scheduled Charging and Target Temperature

Select EVCharging and Climate on the screen.


Vehicle must be connected with the charging connector at the time set for pre-scheduled charging.

A: Scheduled Charging and Target Temperature

  1. Scheduled Charging

  2. Target Temperature

You can set the date and time of when to charge the battery and the climate control temperature. Also, you may select the time to start charging using the off-peak time setting.

Off-peak Hours Settings

A: Off-peak Hours Settings

  1. Start Time: Charging begins at the designated off-peak time. If deselected, starts charging only on the scheduled time.

  2. End Time: Set the most inexpensive time to complete charging.

  3. Charging mode

    • Off-peak tariffs prioritized: If selected, starts charging at off-peak time (may keep on charging pass off-peak time to charge 100%).

    • Charge only during Off-peak: If selected, charges only within off-peak time (may not charge 100%).


Off-peak charging rates for electricity may not be available everywhere. Check with your local utility for details.

Target Temperature Settings

A: Target Temperature Settings

  1. Set Target Temperature: If the target temperature (1) is set with the charger connected, the cabin temperature will be adjusted to the target temperature at departure time (without loss of high voltage battery charging level). In cold weather, pre-scheduled heating helps enhance electric vehicle performance by heating the vehicle in advance.