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EV Settings

A: Electric Vehicle

Select EV → 'Settings' icon on the screen. You can set the Battery Charge Level, Charging Current, Winter Mode, and Utility Mode functions.

Charging Limit (Max. % Charge)

A: EV Settings

  1. Charging Limit

  2. AC Charger

A: EV Settings

  1. Charging Limit

  2. DC Charger

The target battery charge level can be selected when charged with AC charger or DC charger.

The charging level can be changed by 10%.

If the target battery charge level is lower than the high voltage battery charge level, the battery will not be charged.

Charging Current

A: EV Settings

  1. Charging Current

  2. AC Charger

  3. Maximum

  4. Reduced

  5. Minimum

You can adjust the charging current for an AC charger. Select an appropriate charging current for the charger used.

If the charging process does not start or abruptly stops in the middle, re-select another proper current and retry charging the vehicle.

Charging time varies depending on which charging current is selected.

Winter Mode

A: EV Settings

  1. Winter Mode

  2. Winter Mode

This mode is recommended to improve driving and DC charging performance during winter by raising the battery temperature to an adequate level. However, this may reduce the distance to empty significantly as the high voltage battery consumes a lot more electricity.

Also, if the battery temperature is low during driving or when scheduled air conditioner/heater is activated, this mode is operated to improve driving performance.

However, when the battery level is low, the mode is not operated to improve driving distance.


This mode is available for the vehicles equipped with the battery heater.

Utility Mode

When driving is not necessary such as while camping or when stopping the vehicle for a long time, it is possible to use the electrical devices (audio, lights, etc.) for long hours.

The high voltage battery is used instead, to maintain the 12V auxiliary battery, for operating the convenient 12V features of the vehicle.

System Setting and Activation

A: EV Settings

  1. Utility Mode

  2. Activate Utility Mode

When the following conditions are satisfied, you can activate the Utility Mode function by selecting EV SettingsUtility Mode on the screen.

  • The vehicle is in the READY mode.

  • The gear is in P (Park).

  • EPB (Electronic Parking Brake) is applied.

  • EV SettingsUtility Mode is selected on the infotainment system screen.

System Activation

  • The READY indicator will turn off and the UTIL indicator will appear on the cluster and the EPB is applied.

  • All vehicle electronics are usable but the vehicle cannot be driven.

  • The EPB can be canceled by pressing the EPB switch.

  • Gear cannot be shifted out of P (Park). If a shift attempt is made, Shifting conditions not met message will be displayed on the cluster.

System Deactivation

The Utility Mode can be deactivated by pressing the EV button to the OFF position. The function cannot be deactivated from the EV Settings.