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Curtain air bag

Curtain air bags are located along both sides of the roof rails above the front and rear doors.

* The actual air bags in the vehicle may differ from the illustration.

They are designed to help protect occupants in certain side impacts and to help prevent them from ejecting out of the vehicle as a result of a rollover, especially when the seatbelts are also in use.

  • The curtain air bags are designed to deploy during certain side impact collisions, depending on the severity of impact. However, when side deployment threshold is satisfied at front-impact, side air bags may deploy.

  • The curtain air bags may deploy on the side of the impact or on both sides.

  • Also, the curtain air bags on both sides of the vehicle will deploy in certain rollover situations.

  • The curtain air bags are not designed to deploy in all side impact or rollover situations.

Do not allow the passengers to lean their heads or bodies against the doors, put their arms on the doors, stretch their arms out of the window or place objects between the doors and passengers when they are seated on seats equipped with side impact and/or curtain air bags.


Never try to open or repair any components of the side and curtain air bag system. This should only be done by an authorized Kia dealer.


No Attaching Objects

  • Do not place any objects over the air bag. Also, do not attach any objects around the area in which the air bag inflates, such as the door, side door glass, front and rear pillar, roof side rail.

  • Do not hang hard, breakable, or heavy objects on the coat hooks for safety reasons.