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Precautions while using the head-up display

  • It may sometimes be difficult to read information on the Head-Up Display in the following situations.

    • The driver is improperly positioned in the driver's seat

    • The driver wears polarizing-filter sunglasses

    • An object is located above the head-up display cover

    • The vehicle is driven on a wet road

    • Any improper lighting accessory is installed inside the vehicle, or there is incoming light from outside of the vehicle

    • The driver wears glasses

    • The driver wears contact lenses

  • When it is difficult to read the Head- Up Display information, adjust the image position, brightness level or AR matching information from the Settings menu in the infotainment system screen.

  • The AR mode display information may be difficult to recognize when the vehicle is driven under severe weather condition, such as heavy rain, heavy snow, low visibility, etc.

  • Head-up display information may partially overlap the road ahead, causing fatigue and discomfort while driving. Adjust the image if you feel tired or uncomfortable, or if symptoms persist, turn off the head-up display.

  • When the direct flash light or sunlight hits the front windshield, a warning message will appear. If the temperature of the front windshield keep rises, Head-up display will be deactivated temporarily to protect Head-up display from the high temperature. When the temperature drops, Head-up display will be reactivated.

  • For your safety, make sure to stop the vehicle before adjusting the settings.

  • Do not tint the front windshield glass or add other types of metallic coating. Otherwise, the Head-Up Display image may be invisible.

  • Do not place any accessories on the crash pad or attach any objects on the windshield glass.

  • When replacing the front windshield glass, replace it with a windshield glass designed for Head-Up Display operation. Otherwise, duplicated images may be displayed on the windshield glass.

  • The warning information of Blind- Spot Safety on the Head-Up Display are supplemental. Do not solely depend on them to change lanes. Always take a look around before changing lanes.

    The driving route guidance display in the augmented reality mode is an auxiliary function. Be sure to check the navigation screen together.

  • ALWAYS pay attention on the road while driving when the Head-Up Display is on.

  • AR mode is the basic setting for Head-up display.

    For detailed information, refer to the separately supplied infotainment system manual.

  • Standard Head-up display information may not be consistent based on the different system settings menu.


Head-Up Display includes GPL, LGPL, MPL and other open source license softwares. To obtain the source code developed under the open source license installed on this product, please visit

You can download all applicable license notices, including the source code.

If you send an e-mail to within three (3) years of your purchase of the product to request an open source code for the software on this product, you will receive it in a CD-ROM and/or other storage medium at a minimal charge (the charge will cover costs for the storage medium and delivery).