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Wipers and washers

The wipers and washers remove foreign substances from the windshield and rear window, helping to maintain visibility.

A: Wiper speed control (front)

  • MIST – Single wipe

  • OFF – Off

  • AUTO - Auto control wipe

  • LO – Low wiper speed

  • HI – High wiper speed

B: Auto control wipe time adjustment

C: Wash with brief wipes

Windshield washers

Operates as follows when the EV button is turned ON.

MIST: For a single wiping cycle, move the lever to this (MIST) position and release it. The wipers will operate continuously if the lever is held in this position.

OFF: Wiper is not in operation

LO: Normal wiper speed

HI: Fast wiper speed


If there is heavy accumulation of snow or ice on the windshield, defrost the windshield for about 10 minutes, or until the snow and/or ice is removed before using the windshield wipers to ensure proper operation. If you do not remove the snow and/or ice before using the wiper and washer, it may damage the wiper and washer system.