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Seat warmer (if equipped)

The seat warmer is provided to warm the front and rear (if equipped) seats during cold weather.

With the EV button in the ON position:

  • Push either of the buttons to warm the front and rear (if equipped) seats.

During mild weather or under conditions where the operation of the seat warmer is not needed, keep the buttons in the "OFF" position.

Temperature control (Manual)

Each time you press the button, the temperature setting of the seat will change as follows:

Front seat
Rear seat (if equipped)

The seat warmer defaults to the OFF position whenever the EV button is turned on.

Temperature control (Automatic)

The seat warmer starts to automatically control the seat temperature in order to prevent low-temperature burns after being manually turned ON.

Front seat

You may manually press the button to increase the seat temperature. However, it soon returns to the automatic mode again. When pressing the button for more than 1.5 seconds with the seat warmer operating, the seat warmer will turn OFF. The seat warmer defaults to the OFF position whenever the vehicle is in the ON position.


With the seat warmer button in the ON position, the heating system in the seat turns off or on automatically depending on the seat temperature.


Seat Warmer Burns

The seat warmer may cause burns, even at low temperature, if used over a long period of time. Never allow passengers who may not be able to take care of themselves to be exposed to the risk of seat heater burns. These include:

  1. Infants, children, elderly or disabled persons, or hospital outpatients

  2. Persons with sensitive skin or those that burn easily

  3. Fatigued individuals

  4. Intoxicated individuals

  5. Individuals taking medication that can cause drowsiness or sleepiness (sleeping pills, cold tablets, etc.)