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USB charger (if equipped)

The USB charger is designed to recharge batteries of small size electrical devices using a USB cable.

The electrical devices can be recharged when the vehicle is in ACC/ON position.

The battery charging state may be monitored on the electrical device.

Disconnect the USB cable from the USB port after use.

  • Some devices are not supported for fast charging but will be charged with normal speed.

  • Use the USB charger when the vehicle is on to prevent battery discharge.

  • Only devices that fit the USB port can be used.

  • The USB charger can be used only for battery charging purposes.

  • Battery chargers cannot be charged.


Power Delivery 3.0 is available on the smart phone or the tablet PC equipped with fast charging capabilities.

It is applicable to digital devices with USB C-type.

Charging speed is determined according to the charging specification of the connected digital device.

  • Rated output

    • Digital device with fast charging: 9.0 V/Max 3.0 A

    • Digital devices with normal charging: 5.0 V/Max 3.0 A