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In case of an emergency

In case of emergency such as when the battery is discharged, the only way to lock the door(s) is with the mechanical key from the outside key hole. Doors without an outside key hole can be locked as follows:

  1. Open the door.

  2. Insert the key into the emergency door lock hole and turn the key to the lock position.

  3. Close the door securely.

  • The doors should always be fully closed and locked while the vehicle is in motion. If the doors are unlocked, the risk of being thrown from the vehicle in a crash is increased.

  • Do not pull the inner door handle of the driver's or passenger's door while the vehicle is moving.


Do not leave children or animals unattended in your vehicle. An enclosed vehicle can become extremely hot, causing death or serious injury to unattended children or animals who cannot escape the vehicle. Children might operate features of the vehicle that could injure them, or they could encounter other harm, possibly from someone gaining entry to the vehicle.


Always secure your vehicle. Leaving your vehicle unlocked increases the potential risk to you or others from someone hiding in your vehicle. To secure your vehicle, while depressing the brake, shift the gear to the P (Park) position, engage the parking brake, and press the EV button to the OFF position, close all windows, lock all doors, and always take the key with you.


If you stay in the vehicle for a long time while the weather is very hot or cold, there are risks of injuries or danger to life. Do not lock the vehicle from the outside when someone is in the vehicle.


Opening a door when something is approaching may cause damage or injury. Be careful when opening doors and watch for vehicles, motorcycles, bicycles or pedestrians approaching the vehicle in the path of the door.


If the electrical power door lock switch does not operate (ex. dead car battery) and the liftgate is closed, you will not be able to open the liftgate until power is restored.