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Resetting memory positions

If the Driver position memory system does not work properly, initialize the system as follows.

Resetting integrated memory system

  1. Stop the vehicle and open the driver's door with the EV button in the ON position and the vehicle shifted to P (Park).

  2. Adjust the driver's seat and seatback to the foremost position.

  3. Press the memory button 1 (or 2) and push forward the driver's seat movement switch over 2 seconds simultaneously.

While resetting integrated memory system

  1. Resetting starts with a notification sound.

  2. The driver's seat and seatback is adjusted to the rearward position with the notification sound.

  3. The driver's seat and seatback is re-adjusted to the default position (central position) with the notification sound.

However, in the following cases, the resetting procedure and the notification sound may stop.

  • The memory button is pressed.

  • The seat control switch is operated.

  • The gear is shifted out of P (Park).

  • The driving speed exceeds 2 mph (3 km/h).

  • The driver's door is closed.

  • While integrated memory system is being reset, if the resetting and notification sound stops incompletely, restart the resetting procedure again.

  • Make sure that there is no objects around the driver's seat in advance of resetting the integrated memory system.

  • After resetting the integrated memory system, the adjustment for the driver seat must be stored again to recall the memory position.