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Using smart liftgate

1. Setting

To activate the Smart Liftgate with Auto Open, go to SetupVehicle DoorSmart Liftgate with Auto Open on the infotainment system.

2. Detect and Alert

If you are positioned in the detecting area (20~40 inches [50~100 cm] behind the vehicle) carrying a smart key, the hazard warning lights will blink and chime will sound to alert you the smart key has been detected and the liftgate will open.


Do not approach the detecting area if you do not want the liftgate to open. If you have unintentionally entered the detecting area and the hazard warning lights and chime starts to operate, leave the detecting area with the smart key. The liftgate will stay closed.

3. Automatic Opening

After the hazard warning lights blink and the chime sounds 6 times, the smart liftgate will open.

  • Make sure you close the liftgate before driving your vehicle.

  • Make sure there are no people or objects around the liftgate before opening or closing the liftgate.

  • Make sure objects in the cargo area do not come out when opening the liftgate on a slope. It may cause serious injury.

  • Make sure to deactivate the Smart Liftgate with Auto Open when washing your vehicle. Otherwise, the liftgate may open inadvertently.

  • The key should be kept out of reach of children. Children may inadvertently open the Smart Liftgate with Auto Open while playing around the rear area of the vehicle.


Liftgate Lift

Make certain that you close the liftgate before driving your vehicle. Possible damage may occur to the liftgate gas lifters and attached hardware if the liftgate is not closed prior to driving.