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The doors of this vehicle are equipped with power windows that can be operated by a switch.

  1. Driver's door power window switch

  2. Front passenger's door power window switch

  3. Rear door (left) power window switch

  4. Rear door (right) power window switch

  5. Power window lock switch


In cold and wet climates, power windows may not work properly due to freezing conditions.

The EV button must be in the ON position for power windows to operate.

Each door has a power window switch that controls the door's window. The driver has a power window lock button which can block the operation of rear passenger windows. The power windows can be operated for approximately 3 minutes after the EV button is turned off. However, if the front doors are opened, the power windows cannot be operated even within the 3 minute period.

The driver's door has a master power window switch that controls all the windows in the vehicle.

If the window cannot be closed because it is blocked by objects, remove the objects and close the window.


While driving with the rear windows down or with the sunroof (if equipped) in an open (or partially open position), your vehicle may demonstrate a wind buffeting or pulsation noise. This noise is a normal occurrence and can be reduced or eliminated by taking the following actions. If the noise occurs with one or both of the rear windows down, partially lower both front windows approximately 1 inch (2.5 cm). If you experience noise with the sunroof open, slightly reduce the size of the sunroof opening.


Do not install any accessories in the vehicle that extend into the open window area. Such objects will impact the proper functioning of the automatic reversal "jam protection" feature.