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Power window lock button

The driver can disable the power window switches on the rear passengers' doors by pressing the power window lock button to the lock position (pressed).

When the power window lock button is pressed:

  • The driver's master control can operate the front passenger's power window and the rear passengers' power windows.

  • The front passenger's control can operate the front passenger's power window.

  • The rear passengers' control cannot operate the rear passengers' power window.


Opening/Closing Window

To prevent possible damage to the power window system, do not open or close two windows or more at the same time. This will also ensure the longevity of the fuse.

Always double check to make sure all arms, hands, head and other obstructions are safely out of the way before closing a window.

If the window cannot be closed because it is blocked by objects, remove the objects and close the window.


Power Windows

  • Do not allow children to play with the power windows. Keep the power window lock button (on the driver's door) in the LOCK (pressed) position.

  • Do not extend a face or arms outside the window opening while the vehicle is in motion. Doing so could result in significant bodily injury.