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Remote window opening (if equipped)

You can still control the windows movement with the vehicle turned off.

Press the door unlock button (1) for more than 3 seconds. The window moves down after the doors are unlocked, as long as you press the door unlock button (1). The window movement stops, when you release the door unlock button (1).

  • If you keep the windows open after operating the Remote window opening function, it is likely to cause a theft.

  • Using the function while raining may cause malfunction due to the inflow of water.

  • The remote window opening function may abruptly stop, when you move away from your vehicle during operation. Stay in close proximity from your vehicle, while monitoring the window movement.

  • One of the windows may stop operating, when the window is interrupted by certain force. However, the other windows will keep operating. Thus, you should make sure that all windows are opened.

  • Be careful when using the remote window opening function, as the doors will be unlocked.


Remote window opening requires the automatic power window up/down function equipped for front seats.