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Vehicle auto-shut off function

If you forget to turn off the vehicle for a period of time, Vehicle shuts off automatically to prevent waste electric power.

A: Vehicle will be turned dff automatically in:

B: Reset

Operating conditions

Vehicle Auto-Shut Off timer activates when the following conditions are met.

  • Not Auto-Shut Off timer reset condition

    • Vehicle is not in EV READY state (Only Ignition On) or the Utility Mode is on

    • Gear shift other than P (Park)

    • Stepped on the brake pedal instead of the accelerator pedal

    • Fastened driver's seat belt and passenger's seat belt

    • Passenger's seat is occupied

    • The vehicle moves (vehicle speed is above 2 mph (3 km/h))

    • When Auto-Shut Off timer is left 10minutes, the user setting mode pops up in the instrument cluster. And you can check the time left. If you push the 'OK' button, Auto-Shut off timer is reset.

  • Head unit is not updating

  • Outside of vehicle charging connector engaged or exterior V2L used

  • If you want to deactivate auto-shut off function during interior V2L, use the Utility Mode

System operation

If the system meets operating conditions after 90 minutes, vehicle shuts off automatically.