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Highway Driving Assist (HDA) (if equipped)

Basic function

Highway Driving Assist is designed to help detect vehicles and lanes ahead, and help maintain distance from the vehicle ahead, maintain the set speed, and keep the vehicle between lanes while driving on the highway (or motorway).

Highway Lane Change Assist (if equipped)

Highway Lane Change Assist function helps change lanes to the direction the driver slightly moves the turn signal switch if the function judges that lane change is possible.

  • Highway Driving Assist is available only on controlled access road or certain highways. (except for the interchange/junction)

    * Controlled access road indicates roads with limited entrances and exits that allow uninterrupted high speed traffic flow. Only passenger cars and motorcycles are allowed on controlled access roads.

    Available highway (Controlled access road)


    Select Interstate Highway and U.S. (Federal) and State Highways


    Select Provincial and Territorial Highways

  • Additional highways may be expanded by future navigation updates.

Detecting sensor

Front view camera
Front radar
Front corner radar (if equipped)
Rear corner radar (if equipped)

Refer to the picture above for the detailed location of the detecting sensors.


For more details on the precautions of the detecting sensors, refer to More Details.