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Remote Smart Parking Assist (RSPA) (if equipped)

Remote Smart Parking Assist uses vehicle sensors to help the driver park and exit parking spaces remotely from outside the vehicle by automatically searching for parking spaces, and controlling the steering wheel, vehicle speed and gearshifts.



Remote Operation

Remotely moving forward or backward

Smart Parking or Remote Smart Parking

Perpendicular reverse parking

Parallel reverse parking

Smart Exit

Parallel forward exit

  • Remote Smart Parking and Remote Operation function may be operated from outside the vehicle using the smart key.

  • Smart Parking and Remote Smart Parking function may be operated from inside the vehicle.

  • Smart Parking and Remote Smart Parking function helps the driver with perpendicular reverse parking and parallel reverse parking.

  • Smart Exit function helps the driver with parallel forward exit.

  • When Remote Smart Parking Assist operates, Parking Distance Warning and Surround View Monitor will also operate. For more details, refer to More Details and More Details.

Detecting sensor

Front ultrasonic sensors
Front side ultrasonic sensors
Rear side ultrasonic sensors
Rear ultrasonic sensors

Refer to the picture above for the detailed location of the detecting sensors.

  • Never disassemble the detecting sensor or sensor assembly, or apply any impact on it.

  • If the detecting sensor have been replaced or repaired, have your vehicle inspected by an authorized Kia dealer.

  • Remote Smart Parking Assist may malfunction if the vehicle bumper height or ultrasonic sensor installation has been modified or damaged. Any non-factory installed equipment or accessories may also interfere with the sensor performance.

  • When the ultrasonic sensor is frozen or stained with snow, dirt, or water, the sensor may not operate until the stains are removed using a soft cloth.

  • Do not push, scratch or strike the ultrasonic sensor. Sensor damage could occur.

  • Do not spray the ultrasonic sensors or its surrounding area directly with a high pressure washer.