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It's important to have the correct hitch equipment. Crosswinds, large trucks going by, and rough roads are a few reasons why you'll need the right hitch. Here are some rules to follow:

  • Do you have to make any holes in the body of your vehicle when you install a trailer hitch? If you do, then be sure to seal the holes later when you remove the hitch.

    If you don't seal them, dirt and water can get into your vehicle.

  • The bumpers on your vehicle are not intended for hitches. Do not attach rental hitches or other bumper-type hitches. Use only a frame-mounted hitch that does not attach to the bumper.

  • Any part of the rear number plate or lighting devices of the vehicle must not be obscured by the mechanical coupling device.

  • If the rear number plate and/or lighting devices can be obscured partially by any part of the mechanical coupling device, mechanical coupling devices that can not be easily removed or repositioned without use of any tools, except an easily operated (i.e. an effort not exceeding 20 Nm) release key which is supplied by the manufacturer of the coupling device, are not permitted for use.

  • Please note that the mechanical coupling device that is fitted and not in use must always be removed or repositioned if the rear number plate and/or rear lighting devices are obscured by any part of the mechanical coupling device.

  • Kia trailer hitch accessory is available at an authorized Kia dealer.