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Vehicle load limit

The vehicle load limit is displayed on the tire and loading information label on the driver's door.

Tire and loading information label

The label located on the driver's door sill gives the original tire size, cold tire pressures recommended for your vehicle, the number of people that can be in your vehicle and vehicle capacity weight.

Vehicle capacity weight:

Standard type: 826 lbs. (375 kg)

Extended type: 826 lbs. (375 kg)

Vehicle capacity weight is the maximum combined weight of occupants and cargo. If your vehicle is equipped with a trailer, the combined weight includes the tongue load.

Seating capacity:

Total: 5 persons (Front seat: 2 persons, Rear seat: 3 persons)

Seating capacity is the maximum number of occupants including a driver, your vehicle may carry.

However, the seating capacity may be reduced based upon the weight of all of the occupants, and the weight of the cargo being carried or towed.

Do not overload the vehicle as there is a limit to the total weight, or load limit including occupants and cargo, the vehicle can carry.

Towing capacity:
  • Standard type: N/A

  • Extended type

    • With brake system: 2,300 lbs. (1,043 kg)

    • Without brake system: 1,653 lbs. (750 kg)

Towing capacity is the maximum trailer weight including its cargo weight, your vehicle can tow.

Cargo capacity:

The cargo capacity of your vehicle will increase or decrease depending on the weight and the number of occupants.