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Regenerative braking (Paddle shifter)

The paddle shifter is used to adjust the regenerative braking level from 0 to 3 during decelerating or braking.

  • Left side (): Increases regenerative braking and deceleration.

  • Right side (): Decreases regenerative braking and deceleration.

Pull and hold the left side paddle shifter for more than 0.5 seconds and One Pedal Driving function is operated, increasing the regenerative braking. In this case, stopping the vehicle is possible by pulling the paddle shifter.

* Refer to More Details.

Pull and hold the right side paddle shifter for over 1 second to turn on and off the automatic change of the regenerative braking.

* Refer to More Details.


The paddle shifter does not operate when:

  • The () and () paddle shifters are pulled at the same time.

  • The vehicle is decelerating by depressing the brake pedal.

  • Smart Cruise Control is activated.

  • Regenerative braking system is activated when the vehicle state of charge is 100%.

  • SNOW mode is activated from DRIVE MODE.

  • Trailer is attached to the vehicle.

  • Selecting 0 step of the regenerative braking system, the brake disc cleaning function is operated around 10 times. While operating to clean the brake disc, the driving distance and the regenerative braking performance can be reduced. After finishing, the regenerative braking performance will be restored.

The selected regenerative braking level is displayed on the instrument cluster.

Initial setting of the regenerative braking level and adjustable range vary according to the selected Drive mode.

Drive mode

Initial setting









* For more details, refer to More Details.