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One pedal driving

The driver can stop the vehicle by pulling and holding the left side paddle shifter.

To operate

  • Pull and hold the left side paddle shifter while coasting.

  • When the vehicle speed is above 2 mph (3 km/h), release the paddle shifter to return to the previously set level.

  • When the vehicle speed is below 2 mph (3 km/h), the function maintains control to stop the vehicle even though the paddle shifter is released.

  • While the One pedal driving is in activation, the driver can control the vehicle stopping position using the accelerator pedal.

Automatic engagement of EPB

After the vehicle is stopped by the One Pedal Driving function, EPB is automatically engaged when any of these conditions occur:

  • The driver's door is open.

  • The hood is open.

  • The liftgate is open.

  • 5 minutes have passed after the vehicle has stopped.

  • The system operation is limited due to other reasons.

  • Do not solely rely on one pedal driving to stop the vehicle. Stopping the vehicle may not be possible depending on the vehicle and road conditions. Pay attention to the road condition ahead and apply the brake if necessary.

  • Avoid increasing the regenerative braking level suddenly on slippery roads (like snow or icy conditions) because it may lead to slipping of the tires and skidding of vehicle. It can be dangerous due to the loss of the vehicle's steering force.


When the vehicle is stopped or parked by One Pedal Driving on the steep hills, be sure to depress the brake pedal.