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Active air flap malfunction

A: Check Active Air Flap System

The active air flap system may not operate normally if the air flap is temporarily opened due to foreign factors or if the controller is contaminated by snow or rain, etc.

When the message is popped up on the display, stop the vehicle in a safe place and check the status of the air flap.

Start the vehicle after performing the necessary work like foreign matter removal and waiting 10 minutes. If the pop-up remains up, have the vehicle inspected by an authorized Kia dealer.

  • Regardless of the pop-up, if the air flaps aren't in the same position, stop the vehicle and wait for 10 minutes and start the vehicle and inspect the air flap.

  • The active air flap system is actuated by motors. Do not disturb actuation or apply force excessively. It may cause failure.


Active air flap system could be activate regardless of the vehicle condition.(Parking, driving, charging, etc.)