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Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)

The tire pressure monitoring system detects the pressure of vehicle's tires and displays it on the LCD display.

  1. Low tire pressure telltale / TPMS malfunction indicator

  2. Low tire pressure position telltale (Shown on the LCD display)

Tire Pressure Indicator

  • You can check the tire pressure in the assist mode on the cluster.

  • Tire pressure is displayed 1~2 minutes later after driving.

  • If tire pressure is not displayed when the vehicle is stopped, Drive to display message displays. After driving, check the tire pressure.

  • You can change the tire pressure unit in the Setup menu on the infotainment system screen.

  • The tire pressure may change due to factors such as parking condition, driving style, and altitude above sea level.

  • Low tire pressure warning may sound when a tire's pressure unit is equal or higher than nearby tires. This is a normal occurrence, which is due to the change in tire pressure along with tire temperature.

  • The tire pressure shown on the dashboard may differ from the tire pressure measured by tire pressure gauge.