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Components of the Tire Mobility Kit

Connectors, cable and connection hose are stored in the compressor housing.

  1. Speed restriction label

  2. Sealant bottle

  3. Filling hose from sealant bottle to wheel

  4. Connectors and cable for the power outlet direct connection

  5. Holder for the sealant bottle

  6. Compressor

  7. ON/OFF switch

  8. Pressure gauge for displaying the tire inflation pressure

  9. Valve for reducing tire inflation pressure


Before using the Tire Mobility Kit, follow the instructions on the sealant bottle.

Remove the label with the speed restriction from the sealant bottle and apply it to the steering wheel.

Please note the expiration date on the sealant bottle.


The sealant bottle and insert hose (3) cannot be reused.


Before using the tire repair kit, please read carefully the instruction attached on the sealant bottle. Detach the speed limit label on the sealant case and put it on a highly visible place. Always drive within the speed limit.