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Using the Tire Mobility Kit

Carefully follow below steps.

  1. Shake the sealant bottle.

  2. Remove the sealant bottle cap and sealant bottle holder cap and screw the bottle onto the sealant bottle holder.

  3. Unscrew the valve cap from the valve of the defective wheel and screw filling hose of the sealant bottle onto the valve.


    If a visible foreign object has punctured the tire, do not remove it before using Tire Mobility Kit.


    If the sealant is injected when the tire air pressure injection valve and sealant injection hose are not fully interlocked, the sealant may overflow and clog the valve.

  4. Make sure the compressor valve on the filling hose is locked.

  5. Ensure that the compressor is switched off, position 0.

  6. Connect between compressor and the vehicle power outlet using the cable and connectors.

  7. With the EV button ON, switch on the compressor and let it run for approximately 5~7 minutes to fill the sealant up to cold tire recommended pressure. (refer to More Details). Be careful not to overinflate the tire and stay away from the tire when filling it.


    Tire Pressure

    Do not attempt to drive your vehicle if the tire pressure is below 26 psi (180 kPa). This could result in an accident due to sudden tire failure.

  8. Switch off the compressor.

  9. Detach the hoses from the sealant bottle connector and from the tire valve.

  10. Return the Tire Mobility Kit to its storage location in the vehicle.