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If an accident occurs

If an accident occurs, stay calm and take the following precautions.


High Voltage Components

  • For your safety, do not touch high voltage cables, connectors and package modules. High voltage components are orange in color.

  • Exposed cables or wires may be visible inside or outside of the vehicle. Never touch the wires or cables, because an electrical shock, an injury, or a death may occur.


Any gas or electrolyte leakage from your vehicle is not only poisonous but also flammable. Upon witnessing one of those, make sure your car is parked in a safe area away from any roads, open the windows, and maintain a safe distance away from the vehicle. Immediately contact an authorized Kia dealer and advise them that an electric vehicle is involved.

  • If you need towing, refer to More Details.

  • When the vehicle is severely damaged, remain a safe distance of 50 ft. (15 m) or more between your vehicle and other vehicles/flammables.

  • If a fire occurs, immediately call emergency services (911) and advise the emergency responders that an electric vehicle is involved.


Submersion in Water

Do not touch your vehicle if it has been submerged in water. The high-voltage battery may cause shock or may catch fire. Immediately contact the authorities and advise them of the condition of your vehicle and that an electric vehicle is involved.