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Replacing inner panel fuse

  1. Press the EV button to OFF position and turn off all the vehicle electrical devices.

  2. Open the fuse panel cover.

    If the switch is located in the "OFF" position, a caution indicator will be displayed in the cluster.

    To identify the location of a specific fuse, please refer to the inside of the fuse panel cover and the description list in this section.

  3. Pull the suspected fuse straight out. Use the removal tool provided on the motor compartment fuse panel cover.

  4. Check the removed fuse; replace it if it is blown.

    Spare fuses are provided in the motor compartment fuse panel.

  5. Push in a new fuse of the same rating, and make sure it fits tightly in the clips.

If it fits loosely, consult an authorized Kia dealer.

If you do not have a spare, use a fuse of the same rating from a circuit you may not need for operating the vehicle, such as the power outlet fuse.

If the head lamp, turn signal lamp, stop signal lamp, DRL, tail lamp, HMSL do not work and the fuses are OK, check the fuse panel in the motor compartment. If a fuse is blown, it must be replaced.


If the headlamp, turn signal lamp, or tail lamp malfunctions even without any problem to the lamps, have the vehicle checked by an authorized Kia dealer for assistance.