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Explanation of scheduled maintenance items

The following parts require scheduled maintenance.

Reduction gear fluid

The reduction gear fluid should be inspected according to the intervals specified in the maintenance schedule.

Cooling system

Check the cooling system components, such as the radiator, coolant reservoir, hoses and connections, coolant 3-way valve, chiller for leakage and damage. Replace any damaged parts.


The coolant should be changed at the intervals specified in the maintenance schedule.

Brake hoses and lines

Visually check for proper installation, chafing, cracks, deterioration and any leakage. Replace any deteriorated or damaged parts immediately.


NHTSA Safety Corrosion Alert

NHTSA has warned all vehicle owners of all brands that they must maintain their vehicles in a manner which will prevent brake hose and brake line failures due to corrosion when such vehicles are exposed to winter road salt and related chemicals. While serious corrosion conditions typically only manifest themselves as safety issues after 7 years of vehicle use, the corrosion process starts immediately, and thus, underbody cleaning maintenance must commence from your vehicle's first exposure to road salts and chemicals. NHTSA urges vehicle owners to take the following steps to prevent corrosion:

  1. Wash the undercarriage of your vehicle regularly throughout the winter and do a thorough washing in the spring to remove road salt and other de-icing chemicals.

  2. Monitor the brake system for signs of corrosion by having regular professional inspections and watching for signs of problems, including loss of brake fluid, unusual leaks and soft or spongy feel in the brake pedal.

  3. Replace the entire brake pipe assembly if you find severe corrosion that causes scaling or flaking of brake components.

Brake fluid

Check the brake fluid level in the brake fluid reservoir. The level should be between "MIN" and "MAX" marks on the side of the reservoir. Use only hydraulic brake fluid conforming to DOT 4 specification.

Brake discs, pads and calipers

Check the pads for excessive wear, discs for run out and wear, and calipers for fluid leakage.

Suspension mounting bolts

Check the suspension connections for looseness or damage. Retighten to the specified torque.

Steering gear box, linkage & boots/lower arm ball joint

With the vehicle stopped and off, check for excessive free-play in the steering wheel.

Check the linkage for bends or damage. Check the dust boots and ball joints for deterioration, cracks, or damage. Replace any damaged parts.

Drive shafts and boots

Check the drive shafts, boots and clamps for cracks, deterioration, or damage. Replace any damaged parts and, if necessary, repack the grease.

Air conditioning refrigerant

Check the air conditioning lines and connections for leakage and damage.