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The high-pressure cooling system has a reservoir filled with year round antifreeze coolant. The reservoir is filled at the factory.

Check the antifreeze protection and coolant level at least once a year, at the beginning of the winter season, and before traveling to a colder climate.


The electric motor (cooling fan) is controlled by coolant temperature, refrigerant pressure and vehicle speed. It may sometimes operate even when the vehicle is not operating. Use extreme caution when working near the blades of the cooling fan so that you are not injured by a rotating fan blades. As the coolant temperature decreases, the electric motor will automatically shut off. This is a normal condition.

Check the condition and connections of all cooling system hoses.

Replace any swollen or deteriorated hoses. The coolant level should be filled between F (MAX) and L (MIN) marks on the side of the coolant reservoir when motor compartment is cool. When the coolant level (in the reservoir) is low, have your vehicle inspected by an authorized Kia dealer. Use only designated coolant water for electric vehicles, adding other types of water or antifreeze can damage the vehicle.